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NECI Certification Courses

NECI 9-1-1 Basic Certification Courses can be taken through either a NECI Instructor led course at your facility or with a self-paced course. NECI courses are meant to certify the student and prepare them for the duties required of them in their 9-1-1 career. Upon completion of a Basic course the student will receive a certificate of completion that meets national standards.

NECI 911

This 40 hour course blends the knowledge and skills needed for a basic 911 dispatcher. The most up-to-date information on the technology and issues surrounding today's public safety communications center will be reviewed in class. You will learn about roles, responsibilities, legal aspects, interpersonal communications, dispatch equipment, telephone communications techniques and call processing, 911 call handling, radio communication techniques, stress management. Course includes a full day of role-play and simulations involving 911 calls. The  course also involves numerous tapes of real 911 calls, as well as radio communications from majors crimes and fires.


This NECI constructed course is designed to better educate 911 dispatchers with regards to Firefighter Communications as well as understanding fire scene operations and the role a well trained dispatcher plays. This couse will cover basic fire service history, a brief introduction to the ICS system, overview of equipment and apparatus, an introduction to the training of a firefighter as well as roles that the dispatcher plays over the course of a fire incident. This course is designed to be tough to those who already possess a Basic 911 Opperator certification.

NECI 911 Basic Telecomunications
 NECI 911 for Fire Communications

NJ EMD-Emergency Medical Dispatcher

The Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) is the principal link between the public in need of emergency medical assistance and the EMS system. This course is 32 hours, you will be learning about the responsibility of the EMS system, legal aspects, interpersonal communications, giving medical instructions by telephone, resource allocation, use of emergency medical guide cards. Course includes a day and a half of role-play and simulations involving 911 calls. After successful completion of this course students will have the fundamentals to start handling 911 calls that are medical in nature. For NJ EMTs, the completion of this class will earn you 21 CEUs.

NJ EMD CTE - Guide Card Review

This course is a 2.5 credit class approved by New Jersey Department of Office of Emergency Telecommunications Services.  The Topic is 9-1-1 Guide Card Review.  "Back to the basic's".

NJ EMD Refresher

The State of New Jersey EMD program requires a minimum of 24 hours of Continuing Telecommunicator Education every three years following initial certification.  Some dispatchers have fallen behind on their CTE, and as such, when their EMD is coming up on expiration, they haven’t completed the necessary training.  This course provides you with the 24 CTE units needed to recertify an Emergency Medical Dispatcher certification with the Office of Emergency Telecommunications Services.  A prerequisite for this class is a valid CPR card and an NJ EMD refresher certificate.

NJ EMD Certification
 NJ EMD Refresher
 NJ EMD w/ NECI 911*
 *NECI 911 Course must be tought through Double J Training Acadmey